1 June 2012 imagesCASD9QE7 Eyelash Extensions- Acrylic Vs Silk Vs Mink Vs Human Hair

What are the differences between the different types of eyelash extensions on the market?  Those of you who have had them for a while would surely know what the difference is. For those that haven’t or are new to it, here’s a cheat sheet

1. Acrylic Eyelash Extensions – The original , harshest and most dramatic. Think Katy Perry or even Betty Boop. A coarser lash made out of acrylic that is very hard and scratchy. Young girls find it popular as does the cast of  “The Only Way Is Essex”. If these lashes weren’t applied by an expert skilled technician, they would look very “Drag Queeny” . There is absolutely no need for mascara as the toughness of the acrylic really extenuates the black pigment. Acrylic lashes were the original type of lash and very popular until its synthetic silk cousins came along. Lasts up to 4 Weeks

2. Silk Eyelash Extensions – The one that introduced softness. Contrary to popular belief , these lashes are not actual silk , but a synthetic silk. Either way they are soft to the touch and are by far the most popular. There is also no need for mascara with silk lashes. These lashes also bond better to your natural lashes as they are not as heavy as acrylic .Lasts up to 6 weeks

3. 100% Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions- The one that changed eyelash extensions forever. When we introduced mink lashes to  the Australasian market in 2010 they caused an absolute frenzy. Our clientele virtual dumped silk lashes in favour of these beauties. They are the most natural looking lash you can get. A real natural fibre from the minks tail (mink animal not harmed) , they feel and look amazing. They last longer than silk or acrylic for the simple fact that being a natural fibre , they stick to your own natural lashes better. You will need to put mascara on mink lashes. Most people love mink lashes because they are not as heavy and people can’t tell you have eyelash extensions on. Note: Siberian Mink is far softer and superior than Chinese Mink . Lasts up to 8 weeks

4. Human Hair Eyelash Extensions- The one that maybe looks too natural. People are still trying to wrap there heads around this, mainly due to the cost, but also because human hair is super fine and doesn’t dramatically change the appearance of your lashes. Human hair eyelash extensions will last a lot longer than any other lashes at 10 weeks  because they are the lightest lash available. People who would benefit would be mature ladies with weak natural lashes. The biggest benefactors would be fair and red heads, as they come in natural blond tones.